The virtual university of Pakistan teaching jobs in 2022

 Virtual University Jobs In Pakistan 2022


The first university in Pakistan based entirely on modern information and communication technologies, the Virtual University was established by the government as a public sector with the mission to provide aspiring students in Pakistan with affordable world-class education.


The institution is well-known for streaming its online lectures and demanding programs to students regardless of their physical location. The Higher Education Commission has approved it (Pakistan).

Both undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science, and Information Technology are available at the University. Pakistani students residing overseas are enrolling in university programs as well, owing to their dependence on the Internet for lectures.


VU has established activities with more than 190 linked institutions around the country to give infrastructural assistance to students since its foundation in 2002.


Virtual university campuses are classified into two groups. First and foremost, it has its own campus known as its offices. Its headquarters are in Lahore. The other is known as a Private Virtual Campus (PVC), which is administered by private entities and is also known as an associated campus.


Posts In Virtual University Jobs Lahore 2022


The Virtual University of Pakistan has released a list of open positions for teaching personnel and management

for the virtual university lecturer jobs in 2022. You can submit an application for a position at the virtual university if you want to enroll there. Below is a list of the positions that are now open and have been advertised by Pakistan’s virtual university.


  1. Manager IT/PM

  2. Graphic Designer

  3. Accounts Officer

  4. Post Producer/Video Editor

  5. Assistant Maintenance Engineer

  6. Network Administrator

  7. Makeup Artist (Female)

  8. Sweeper


Eligibility Criteria


Dedicated to the Knowledge Economy, the Virtual University of Pakistan is seeking bright, motivated individuals to serve on a contractual basis in the Blended Virtual Education Project. The initial appointment will be for a period of one year, which can be extended upon satisfactory performance on a yearly basis until the completion of the project, whichever comes first.


Please read the instructions below before applying:

  • The maximum age for the positions is 60 years.

  • Those who are already employed by the government, semi-government, or autonomous organizations will be required to present a ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ from their existing employer at the time of application.

  • Part-time, honorary, visiting, apprenticeship, and intern experience will not be considered.

  • Only qualified/short-listed individuals will be called for an interview.

  • You must apply online at for all positions, excluding those with a star (*). It is required to complete every field on the online application for employment.

  • Applications for the positions marked with a star (*) must be received by this office in hard copy, along with all required papers, including NOC, within 15 days after the ad’s publication. Please clearly mention “Blended Virtual Education Project for Knowledge Economy, the Virtual University of Pakistan” on the envelope.

  • Candidates who wish to apply for more than one position must submit their applications individually.

  • A processing charge of Rs. 1000/- (non-refundable) for posts without (*) and Rs. 500/- (non-refundable) for posts with (*) will be paid individually for all postings. These amounts must be paid using a challan form (available on the website). Application(s) will not be processed/ considered until a processing fee(s) is paid.

  • Candidates must have a Matriculation, DAE, BS, B.E, MBA, FBA, Intermediate, or Master’s Degree in the same subject as stated in the Virtual university jobs advertisement 2022.

  • Applicants must also meet the skill and experience criteria outlined in the posting. The advertising also specifies the age limit.

  • Written examinations for any or all positions may be undertaken at the Project University’s discretion if considered necessary.

  • At the time of the interview, the candidate(s) must sign an affidavit saying that s/he is not a dual national and that if elected, she would not have a second job in any way.

  • In the case of selection/appointment, the candidate(s) must provide a fitness certificate issued by the Medical Superintendent (MS) of a Civil/Government Hospital, as well as a Corona Vaccination Certificate.

  • If there is a deficiency in the person’s eligibility or if he or she provides false or incomplete information, his or her candidacy will be annulled or his or her work will be terminated immediately, at any stage.

  • No TA/DA will be admissible for appearing in the interview.

  • The Program maintains the right, at any point, to reject any or all applications without providing a reason.

  • The initiative offers equal opportunities.

  • Special individuals are invited to apply.

  • Project-based pay is paid in one lump amount (subject to tax laws) and does not include any fringe benefits.


How to apply for the Virtual University of Pakistan jobs online?


1. For Vu jobs apply online at the Virtual University (VU) website. Criteria can also be found on their official website.

2. Similarly, only those who meet the criteria should apply.

3. However, read the advertisement attentively because the application submission method is described step by step in the advertisement.

4. Similarly, applicants who do not meet the qualification and are still applying will be rejected straight away.

5. In the meanwhile, don’t submit fake information when applying online; instead, be honest when you are providing the information.

6. The retirement age for Vu jobs in 2022 is 60 years.

7. Those who are already employed by the government, semi-government, or autonomous organizations will be required to upload a ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ from their present employer at the time of application.

8. Part-time. Honorary, visiting, apprenticeship, freelance, and intern experience are not considered.

9. All Posts. except marked shall be applied online (

10. All essential information on the online job application form must be filled in.

11. Applications filed in any other manner will be rejected.

12. Applicants must submit original certificates and documents at the moment of the examination or interview to satisfy the authority.

13. Each of these criteria plays a part in selecting eligibility and provides insight into how committed and skilled candidates are.



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