Security guard jobs in Qatar in 2022 apply online

Security Guard jobs in Pakistan  

Security guard jobs is Gulf international technical service. Recruitment agencies usually offer services to businesses who struggle to locate and hire talent, depending on the contract, Gulf international technical service. We have a strong marketing staff, an extensive database, cutting-edge technology, and skilled management.

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Qatar jobs in 2022- 


Overseas jobs- Get the most recent Security jobs in Qatar for 2022. For brand-new, inexperienced, and experienced job searchers from all sectors of Pakistan, we cover new Security openings in Qatar for open positions in 2023 with international private organizations and governmental agencies. For the most recent security guard jobs in Qatar, check out the publications Jang, Express, The News, Nation, Dawn, Kawish, Nawa-I-waqt, Mashriq, Aaj, and OLX. 

Overseas security guard jobs- 


Security guard job in Qatar-Urgent vacancies in Qatar for a security guard in a private organization. 

Job Description- 

·        Security guard  


·        at least passed the SSC exams 

· Age 23 – 40 

· Must be able to speak, read, and write in Level 2 English. 

· Height required at least a five (5)-foot-seven (7)-inch  

· Jobs in a security guard organization, security guards, or nationally or internationally renowned staff. 

· Posts approximately 60 available 

Job detail- 

·        Job country: Doha, Qatar 

·        Company Industry: Private Security Services; Security guard 

·        Company Type: Employer (Private Sector) 

·        Job Role: Security 

·        Employment Type: Full-Time Employee 

·        Monthly Salary: 300+1000+450 fixed over time total of 1750 Qatari Riyal 

·        Number of Vacancies:60 


Requirements- Interested candidates might contact you with original documents, passports, and photographs. 

Preferable candidate- Male  

Aged –23 to 40 year 

Included package- Residence, medical, transport, and all company facilities will be as per Qatar labor law. 

The interviews-test interview is tokening daily. 

Fraud recruitment-Beware of fraud, beware of scammers who promise fake jobs with Qatar. They will demand money for administrative expenses and other things like visa costs. Anyone applying for a Qatar career is never required to pay anything. Please contact us immediately to report any suspected recruitment-related fraud if someone approaches you for money during the application process or if you have reason to believe the person you are working with is dishonest or fraudulent. 

 Fraud Sign-  Here are several red flags that may indicate a criminal providing fake employment contacted you:  

· employment offers made without an interview request. 

· being required to pay a fee as a requirement for employment. 

· receiving a job offer for which you did not apply. 

· typographical errors and bad grammar. 

· You are under pressure by making the recruiting appear urgent.

Career Opportunity- The good news for Pakistani migrant workers is that Qatar, a major Gulf nation and where many Pakistani workers reside, may raise the quota of Pakistani employees in the upcoming years. Mishal M. Al Ansari, Qatar’s consul general (CG), stated that Doha intended to hire over 150,000 Pakistanis over the following several years to boost the number of job possibilities from 150,000 to over 300,000. It makes it an excellent career opportunity for many skilled people.

Pakistan-Qatar relation-  

Pakistan-Qatar relations are the two countries bilateral ties. They are between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the State of Qatar. Qatar has embassies in Islamabad and Karachi, whereas Pakistan has a representation there. The overall strong ties Pakistan has with the Arab world influence the relationship between the two. There is a sizable Pakistani community in Qatar, numbering around 150 000, similar to other adjacent Gulf nations. Each year, they send remittances while working in a variety of sectors. [2] Qatar promptly helped Pakistan during the 2010 floods by sending aid. Pakistan first demanded that the region be combined with the Trucial States of the United Arab Emirates when the British withdrew; despite this, it recognized them in the same year.

Pakistan-Qatar distance- 


One thousand eight hundred seventy-one kilometers (1,163 miles) is the shortest distance that can easily travel by air (or even birds can fly) between Pakistan and Qatar. 

Airplane travel from Pakistan to Qatar takes an average of 2.08 hours at a speed of 560 miles per hour. 

Pakistan –Qatar time difference- 

Pakistan is two hours ahead of Qatar. 

Pakistan – Qatar currency difference –  

Multilingual population in Qatar- 

The official language is Arabic; however, English is the dominant commercial language. In particular, among South Asian migrant workers, Hindi and Urdu are frequently spoken. 

The religion of Qatar- According to the constitution, Sharia law is to be “a primary source” of legislation, and Islam is the official religion.

culture of Qatar- 


Security guard jobs Traditional Bedouin culture significantly influences Qatari culture; results from India, East Africa, and other Persian Gulf countries have less impact. The peninsula’s residents had little choice but to rely on the sea for food because of the region’s severe climate. As a result, the sea is given a lot of importance in the local culture. [1] Sea-based activities frequently appear as topics in literature and folklore. 

Due to Islamic prohibitions on depicting sentient creatures, oral arts like poetry and singing were historically more common than figurative art; nevertheless, they frequently performed specific visual art disciplines like calligraphy, architecture, and textile arts. During the oil period, representational arts became increasingly ingrained in the national culture. 


The climate of Qatar- 


The weather in Qatar is arid. The nation enjoys extended summers from May to September, marked by stifling dry heat and highs above 45°C. Despite being moderate, wintertime lows of 5°C are possible. 

Security guard jobs in Qatar in 2022 apply online

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