Punjab public service commission PPSC jobs in 2023 online apply

 Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC jobs in 2023


To provide jobs in the public sector to the people of Punjab, the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is essential. It Is anticipated to offer a range of employment possibilities in PPSC jobs in Pakistan in 2023 for those looking for a stable career path in the province.


The job positions that the PPSC offers range from non-managerial roles like clerks and support staff to managerial positions like assistant managers and deputy managers. There are also a variety of professional jobs available, including those for lawyers, engineers, and accountants. These occupations are perfect for persons with varying levels of expertise because the earnings range from entry-level to middle-level roles.


The PPSC has something for everyone in 2023, regardless of the type of job you’re searching for or where you are in your career.



Job Postered

December 30, 2022


Last Date

January 15, 2023



Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC)



Intermediate, Bachelor, Master, MBBS, Ph.D





No of Vacancies




PPSC Job Types

The position open for hiring civil workers in Punjab is the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). It offers employment chances to people who desire to work in government agencies and institutions. The PPSC has revealed a variety of jobs kinds that will be available for interested candidates in the forthcoming year of 2023.


The PPSC has positions in several fields, including engineering, agriculture, education, and health. Group A, B, and C services are the three groups into which these positions fall, and each has its own set of prerequisites and requirements for applicants.


  • Jobs like those of Civil Judges and Judicial Magistrates fall within Group A services. 

  • Posts like Assistant Registrar Cooperative Society are part of Group B. 

  • Jobs like labor inspector and veterinary pharmacist are part of Group C.


Exam Preparation Tips

An essential component of every successful career is exam preparation. It is crucial to adequately prepare for the tests to succeed in the Punjab public service commission (PPSC) positions that will be available in 2023. This advice will assist you in the following:


  • Make a study schedule and get going early. By doing so, you’ll be able to spread your studying across some time and guarantee that all areas are addressed.

  • Organize yourself by keeping track of the subjects that have been explored and those that require more research. Additionally, make weekly goals that are doable to stay on track with your studies.

  • Utilize internet tools like practice examinations, tutorials, and discussion boards where knowledgeable individuals share their knowledge and tips on PPSC exams.

  • First and foremost, it’s critical to stay current with events and fashion in the area of study in question.

  • This can give you a better understanding of the exam’s questions and solutions.

  • Additionally, getting a grip on fundamental skills like language fluency and computer literacy will help you pass any significant competitive exam like those offered by the PPSC.

  • Additionally, it’s crucial to routinely practice through mock exams, sample papers, or online tests, which can help you assess your performance and pinpoint areas that require work.


Pakistani jobs vacancies 


Your entire destiny could be altered by PPSC positions in 2023. You must compile a list of the top positions in PPSC jobs today. In the interim, you should also keep an eye on the most recent PPSC jobs in 2023. Apply immediately for the PPSC jobs 2023 of your choice and devote as much time as possible to your training. Remember that the Punjab Public Service Commission issues challenging exams; you will need to put in a lot of effort to pass the written test. We wish you luck as you pursue a career in public service.



Name of Department





Irrigation Department



Master’s Degree


Mines Department



Master’s Degree


Minerals Department



Bachelor’s Degree


Agriculture Department



BSc (Hons)


Food Department



Bachelor’s Degree


I.T Technology



Master’s Degree


Principal Scientist in




Bachelor’s Degree




Departments Of PPSC Jobs 2023

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is the primary government organization administering recruitment exams in Punjab. It is to fill various positions with suitable and competent people. The PPSC has multiple divisions for recruiting qualified and skilled candidates for different places around the state.

  1. Assistant Director Marketing

  2. Principal Scientist

  3. Computer Operator

  4. Assistant Director Mines & Minerals

  5. Child Psychologist

  6. Medical Officer

  7. Librarian/ Documentation Officer

  8. Junior Clerk


Eligibility Criteria For PPSC Jobs 2023


Eligibility requirements for jobs with the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) differ depending on the role being filled. Before being evaluated for any job vacancy, candidates must be Pakistan nationals, have a valid identity card issued by the National Database and Regulatory Authority (NADRA), and offer proof of educational achievements.


Applicants for employment requiring technical or medical competence must have either an appropriate instructional degree or professional experience in the subject. Candidates may also apply if they are former Pakistani armed services division members honorably released from duty.


Additionally, PPSC positions could call for extra qualifications like a passing grade on particular admission exams or knowledge tests given by the Commission itself.


Qualifications Required for PPSC Jobs 2023


An important organization, the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), is in charge of hiring government officials for numerous posts throughout the Punjab state. The Commission employs people from all walks of life and functions following the Indian Constitution. The PPSC has several requirements that each candidate must meet to maintain fairness and openness.


Depending on the role they are pursuing, those interested in applying for a job through PPSC must meet specific educational qualifications.

Candidates pursuing administrative positions, for instance, should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree and strong academic credentials. At the same time, those looking for technical or engineering jobs must possess an Engineering Diploma or a higher degree. Before being considered eligible for recruitment, candidates must complete tests like the NET or SET.


Application Process:

A government organization called the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) appoints and promotes people to positions in the state’s public sector. An overview of the application procedure for PPSC positions will be given in this article, along with information on how to apply, prerequisites, and key dates.


You must confirm that you satisfy all requirements and eligibility before applying for a position with the PPSC. Additionally, you must have your documentation prepared because it must be included with your application. Once your paperwork is in order, you can start the PPSC jobs online apply 2023, which entails filling out an online form and uploading your paperwork.


At this time, you will also need to pay a few fees. If a written test is required for the position you’re applying for, you must take it after submitting your online application.

PPSC jobs in 2023 online apply 

Visit the website and read the instructions for online applications.

PPSC jobs online apply by supplying your contact and academic details.


  • Open the “PPSC jobs 2023 Application form.” link at https://ppsc.gop.pk, the PPSC website.

  • Fill out the application form completely.

  • Upload the completed challan form and the necessary supporting documentation.

  • Candidates will have access to editing tools to change any data up until the closing date.

  • A negative marking for the objective paper will be 0.25 marks.

  • You only have three opportunities to show up for the PPSC tests.

  • A departmental certificate or NOC is required.

  • Download the online deposit slip by entering the necessary details to deposit the application processing fee.

  • Apply as soon as possible, but by January 16, 2023.


People Also Ask


What jobs are in the PPSC?

Jobs at PPSC for December 31, 2022: The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has released a comprehensive advertisement for December 31, 2022, which includes 325+ openings for Education Monitors, Literacy Mobilizers, District Trainers, Assistant Directors, and Others in Punjab Government Departments.

Do you need help passing the PPSC?

Students can pass a civil services test with the correct preparation, effort, and strategy. However, it is complex. The applicant should be mentally prepared to put in a lot of effort and pass the test

What are the PPSC passing scores?

There are 200 total aggregate marks for the PPSC recruitment. The test determines 50% of the full marks, 40% by academic performance, and 100% by the interview; the remaining 10% are conditional marks for things like being the son of a government employee, etc. 

What language will be used for the PPSC exam?

The question paper must be bilingual and printed in English (Roman script) and Punjabi (Gurumukhi script), except for questions assessing candidates’ language skills.




Punjab public service commission PPSC jobs in 2023 online apply



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