Pakistan Software Export Board PSEB jobs 2022


Software engineer jobs in the government sector in Pakistan

The IT industry is growing at a fast pace and there are many opportunities for people who have skills in this area. There are also many opportunities for people who want to learn about this field and become professionals in it.

This is why Pakistan Software Export Board jobs are important because they provide an opportunity for people to get started in this field. Pakistan has made a name for itself in the software industry, and this is largely due to the success of its software export board.

The Pakistan Software Export Board provides support to companies that have been successful in their exporting efforts, as well as helps new companies get started.

This is an important aspect of our economy because it ensures that we can continue to provide high-quality products at competitive prices.

Pakistan Software Export Board jobs are important because they are a way for Pakistan to help grow its economy and provide employment. These information technology government jobs in Pakistan also help the company by allowing them to save on hiring costs, and they can also save money on buying new equipment.

This is because they will not have to spend as much money on training employees and buying new equipment.

Today new software jobs have been offered by PSEB for the candidates to try their luck and get employed in one of the biggest and most renowned departments in Pakistan.

Pakistan Software jobs in 2022

Post Offered

Pakistan Software jobs in 2022 offered by PSEB are/are:
  • ·         Assistant Officer Skills and Capacity Development

Job Location

  • Islamabad

Job Requirements

  • For the post of Assistant Officer Skills and Capacity Development, it is important for the candidate to follow the prescribed age margin.

  • The candidate should be of a maximum of 35 years of age not more than that.

  • The candidate should have acquired 16 years of Education in Business administration, General Science, or Commerce from a well-known HEC-certified university

  • It is essential for the candidate to have an experience of a minimum of 3 years in the relevant field or in project management before applying

  • Any applicant who has experience in the relevant field in Public sector organizations in project management will be given the utmost preference

How to apply for Software Engineering Jobs?

  • To apply for the post offered, visit the official website of PSEB or NJP and fill out the online application form

  • Applications sent online will be entertained only

  • Interested candidates have to submit the form within 15 days of the printing of the advertisement

  • Candidates who will be shortlisted will be contacted for the interview.

  • The candidate will not be provided with TA or DA.

Job Responsibilities

Assistant Officer Skills and Capacity Development job responsibilities in Pakistan:

  • – Ensure that all the activities are carried out according to the plan.

  • – Offer assistance to members of the team as desired.

  • – Assist in developing new programs, policies, and procedures of the company.

  • -Responsible for assisting with the preparation of reports on project performance as well as providing advice on how to improve project performance.

  • -Required to manage projects within their own field of competence, ensuring that timeframes are met, budgets are maintained and quality standards are upheld.

  • – Develop a comprehensive training program for the Assistant Officers of the company.

  • – Ensure that all Assistant Officers are trained with the latest technologies, tools, and techniques.

  • – Ensure that all Assistant Officers have an updated knowledge of their business area.

  • – Provide continuous training to all relevant departments about new technology innovations and developments in their respective field.

Must Be Followed before applying for software jobs

The Assistant Officer will be working with the officer and should possess the following skills:

1. Excellent Communication Skills

2. Good Organization and Time Management Skills

3. Ability to Work Independently and as a Team Member

4. High Level of Attention to Detail

5. Problem-solving skills, the ability to identify problems, generate solutions, make decisions, communicate them effectively and implement them effectively.

6. Aptitude for learning new concepts quickly with little or no direction provided by others

7. Willingness to take advantage of new technologies when they become available

8. Eagerness to learn new skills that will make you more valuable in your job

9. The ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures effectively and efficiently in a team environment or individually as part of a project team or task force in a diverse workforce setting including those from different socioeconomic backgrounds

10. Computer knowledge and proficiency in MS Office applications

Pakistan Software Export Board is a government organization that was established in 1995. Its main goal is to promote and facilitate the growth of the software industry in Pakistan.

The board provides legal and fiscal support to companies who want to enter the software export market, and it also helps those who are already established.

The PSEB is responsible for awarding licenses, managing training programs, and providing international trade counsel. The board also runs a database of software companies that can be accessed by potential clients looking for Pakistani companies to work with on their projects.

The PSEB has helped many companies in developing their business and exporting their products to international markets. They conduct various events every year to provide opportunities for both small and large companies to present themselves at these events.

This helps them connect with foreign buyers who come from different countries around the globe such as Singapore, China, Japan, etc.

Pakistan Software Export Board is a government agency that was established to promote and develop the software industry in Pakistan. The PSEB aims to achieve this goal through the following means:

  • -Supporting the local software industry by providing training, technical services, and other resources needed by companies to succeed;

  • -Helping new companies start up by providing them with loans and grants;

  • -Making it easier for foreign companies to operate in Pakistan by providing them with information on local laws, customs regulations, and other relevant information;

  • -Promoting the country as an ideal location for outsourcing work.

PSEB has been dominant when it comes to post-high-level Pakistan Software jobs. It has helped hundreds of candidates to make themselves stage and emerge in the field of information and technology.

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Pakistan Software Export Board PSEB  jobs 2022

Pakistan Software Export Board PSEB jobs 2022

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