Pakistan Medical Jobs In KPK Latest Opportunity

Medical Jobs In Pakistan 2022 Latest Opportunity 

The medical sector jobs are vital to our society as a whole. It’s the only thing that can save us when we’re sick, get us back on our feet when we’ve been injured, and help us live better lives. The medical sector is an important part of our economy because it provides jobs and plays a role in keeping people healthy by providing them with access to healthcare.

This is why hundreds and thousands of jobs in Pakistan especially in this sector are offered in a year to accommodate deserving candidates. Medical office jobs are important to the well-being of the people you serve. And when you’re looking for the latest medical jobs, it’s important to consider the kind of work you want to do and what your goals are.

If you’ve ever worked in a medical office before, or if you have a background in healthcare or public health, then what you’re looking for could be very similar to the tasks and responsibilities that were part of those Pakistan jobs.

The only difference might be that since you’re working in an administrative capacity, you’ll have more responsibility for making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently than perhaps nurses or doctors would have.

Likewise, today medical jobs in Pakistan, especially in Mardan Medical Complex have been offered to invite applicants from all over KPK to work on a contract basis. 

Medical Jobs In Pakistan

Posts Offered

For MTI MMC Mardan

Junior Registrar (Equi. To BPS-17)

  • ·         Gastroenterology,

  • ·         Pulmonology,

  • ·         Gynae,

  • ·         Orthopedic,

  • ·         Cardiology,

  • ·         ENT,

  • ·         Neurosurgery

Charge Nurse (Equi. To BPS-16)

Clinical Technicians (Equi. To BPS-12)

  • ·         Pharmacy (3)

  • ·         Cardiology (1)

  • ·         Surgical Technician (3)

  • ·         Anesthesia (5)

Data Entry Operator (Equi. To BPS-12)

For IBP MMC Mardan

Charge Nurse with a fixed pay.

Job Requirements

The requirements in a medical office job are many and varied.

  • For the job of Junior Registrar, it is important for the candidate to have done MBBS or have any equivalent qualification from a reputable university like PMDC

  • To be hired at a relevant special post as mentioned above, FCPS training is quite mandatory

  • Overall, there are 7 posts in different specialties

  • There is no gender restriction while the age limit for this job is a maximum of 45 years.

  • For the job of Charge Nurse, there are a total of 25 posts offered only for female candidates with a maximum age of 35 years.

  • The candidate has to be an “A” grade nurse with an experience of 3 years of general nursing and 1 year of being a midwife

  • Or else, the candidate may be a BS Nursing or Post RN graduate

  • It is important for the candidate to be registered with the Nursing Council of Pakistan.

  • For the post of Clinical Technicians, all 12 posts are available as mentioned above.

  • The candidates should be of a maximum of 30 years of age.

  • The candidate should have done Matriculation in Science or should possess any Diploma in the Medical sector in KPK

  • Or else, the candidate has to be a BS graduate from a recognized HEC university

  • For the post of a Data Entry Operator, there are a total of 10 vacancies available irrespective of the gender

  • The candidate who applies for Data Entry Operator’s post has to have Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or IT with or without a Diploma

  • He/she should possess a typing speed of 30 words per minute

  • The candidate should possess an experience of at least 2 years in a private or government-based institute in the same sector.

  • For the post of a Charge Nurse in Institution Based Private Practice IBP, the candidate has to be of a maximum of 35 years of age and will be offered a predefined fixed pay that is Rs. 30,000/-

  • There is no gender restriction for this post

  • The candidate is required to be registered with PNC and has a diploma in General Nursing.

Job Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of a medical office include:

  • – Managing patient records, including verifying insurance coverage and billing

  • – Maintaining medical records, including updating patient profiles and filing documents

  • – Review patients’ records and perform physical examinations to determine the cause of symptoms and the extent of injuries.

  • – Document test results, procedures performed, medications prescribed, and patient reactions or responses to treatment.

  • – Prescribe medications, including antibiotics and other drugs that require special handling or administration by trained medical staff.

  • – Ensuring that all data entered into the database is accurate and consistent with department guidelines.

  • – Entering patient information into the database, including demographic details, diagnoses, treatment plans, and billing information.

  • – Working with other employees to ensure that all records are entered correctly.

  • – Supervise and coordinate the activities of nursing staff in accordance with established standards and policies.

  • – Ensure that all patient care and nursing services are provided in an organized, safe, efficient, and effective manner.

  • – Facilitate communication between nursing staff and other members of the health care team.

Preferred Skills

  • -Strong communication skills

  • -Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  • -Experience working with a diverse patient population

  • -Able to work with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff members to deliver patient care

  • -Has a good working knowledge of medical terminology and procedures

  • -Has excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to build rapport with patients, families, other healthcare staff members, and visitors

  • -The ability to work well under pressure and handle difficult situations calmly


KPK is one of the most beautiful and developed provinces in Pakistan. It has a great number of attractions for visitors, who come from all over the world to enjoy its beauty and tranquility. The province is also known as the land of Pashtuns and it has a rich history as well as culture.

Mardan Medical Complex is an important hospital located in Mardan city. It offers excellent diagnostic services through its laboratories that are equipped with modern technologies. The hospital also provides treatment facilities for various diseases including heart disease and cancer.

The hospital specializes in offering medical services to patients who have been injured or are suffering from an illness. At Mardan Medical Complex, there are many positions that you can apply for if you want to work in this field. The hospital has a number of departments, including laboratory and radiology departments. The hospital also runs a pharmacy department and a blood bank. The hospital offers other various Pak jobs to qualified candidates.

If you want to know more about the latest medical jobs in Pakistan in this hospital and wish to apply for them, then you need to submit your applications before the deadline expires.


Last date to apply for medical jobs: 30-07-2022

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Pakistan Medical Jobs In KPK Latest Opportunity

medical jobs in Pakistan

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