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 Pakistan Engineering Council PEC Jobs Application Form

Pakistan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center at Pakistan Engineering Council is a non-profit organization that helps develop new technologies and businesses in Pakistan. The center was created to help improve the country’s economy by encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation, and research.

It provides training, mentorship, and funding for entrepreneurs who are working on new projects or products. The center provides access to training for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting new businesses or developing new products. They offer different types of training depending on what you want to do: business development, product development, or technology development.

They also provide networking opportunities so that entrepreneurs can meet other people working on similar projects or products so they can learn from each other’s experiences as well as share information about how well their ideas are doing financially.

PIEDC works with entrepreneurs to provide them with the tools they need to start or grow a business. It also provides major jobs in Pakistan to worthy candidates. This includes providing training in areas such as accounting, marketing and sales, budgeting, operations management, human resource management, and more.

They also offer access to seed capital grants for new businesses; these grants are intended to help entrepreneurs get started on their business venture without having to take out loans from banks or other lenders who may not understand their business model or who may not be willing to finance something so innovative or different from what they’ve seen before.

Similarly, there are many Pakistan Engineering Council jobs offered almost every year. PEC jobs in Pakistan will allow students to gain experience in various engineering fields, including:

  • -Mechanical engineering

  • -Civil engineering

  • -Chemical engineering

  • -Electrical engineering

  • -Computer science application form 2022

Posts Offered

Additional Registrar/ Head PIEDC (PEC- 20)

Job Requirements for PEC jobs in Pakistan

  • For the post of Additional Registrar, the age of the applicant has to be a maximum of 55 years, not more than that

  • The applicant has to be Ph.D. in engineering with issues and patented research

  • The candidate has to be well aware of the environment and activities at PIEDC

  • The applicant has to have an experience of at least 20 years in Engineering services or business

  • The candidate has to have done at least 2 internationally funded research projects

  • This is to be noted that the above-stated job is one of the most esteemed government jobs in 2022 and also one of the most notable jobs in Islamabad

How to apply for Pakistan Engineering Jobs PEC jobs in 2022

  • The job is contract based and it extends up to 4 years.

  • The contract can extend based on the performance of the candidate

  • The applicant has to submit the form for the job online which is available at PEC’s official website jobs

  • The documents have to be completed while submitting or else the application will not be entertained.

  • The date and time of submission of the job application form are 8th August 2022 at 5pm PST.

  • The candidates who get shortlisted will only be contacted for an interview which is to be held at headquarters in Islamabad.

  • This is to be noted that the candidates will not be given any sort of travel allowance in this regard

Candidates carefully Read the below points before applying for PEC jobs

As an Additional Registrar at PIEDC, you will be responsible for ensuring that all of the information contained in your office is accurate and up-to-date. You will also be responsible for creating and maintaining new records, as well as making sure existing records are correct. These tasks include:

  • -Processing the registration of new companies, partnerships, societies, and other juridical entities.

  • -Processing the change of addresses of existing companies, partnerships, societies, and other juridical entities.

  • -Maintaining a database of all registered companies, partnerships, societies, and other juridical entities.

  • – Answering incoming calls from residents in need of assistance with their water bills or other utilities

  • – Assisting with data entry for utility accounts

  • – Processing payments for utility accounts

  • – Assisting with troubleshooting issues related to water/sewer service

  • – Maintaining records of the activities of PIEDC, including documents, correspondence, and financial records

  • – Managing meetings and events as directed by the Board of Directors

  • – Managing all public relations efforts for PIEDC

  • -Working with the Registrar to ensure that all paperwork is properly filed and organized

  • -Ensuring that there are no gaps in the company’s records, including those of past employees

  • -Scheduling meetings with new hires to ensure that they are properly orientated and trained

Preferred Skills for PEC jobs

  • -Strong leadership skills, including the ability to direct and motivate others

  • -A keen understanding of the importance of effective communication, both written and oral

  • -Proven track record of staying organized, focusing on details, and achieving deadlines

  • -Experience with budgeting for large projects

  • -Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

  • -An excellent understanding of the company’s internal processes and procedures

  • -Experience in the areas of human resources and financial management.

  • -Experience working with financial systems, especially those that are SAP-based.

  • -Ability to work independently and multitask effectively.

  • -Experience with housing authority financial management, including responsibility for financial reporting.

  • -Experience with data collection and reporting.

  • -Knowledge of the functions of a government office and the standards of service that should be provided to the public.

  • – Maintain a clear understanding of PIEDC’s mission and goals, as well as the scope of their work

  • – Be able to manage multiple tasks at once, while prioritizing time-sensitive tasks that have a large impact on the organization

  • – Must have a strong background in project management

Pakistan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center PIEDC at Pakistan Engineering Council is a governmental, non-profit organization that provides a platform for students to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

PIEDC aims to provide a platform for students, engineers, and entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial skills through training programs and workshops. It also helps them in developing prototypes of products or services by providing funding and facilities.

The PIEDC also works to coordinate with other groups that support entrepreneurship throughout Pakistan by hosting events such as hackathons and competitions that promote new ideas.

Pakistan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (PIEDC) is a world-class organization that is working with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.

They are looking for talented and experienced individuals with expertise in various fields such as IT, E-commerce, Business Development, and other related fields.

Go to the official website and apply
Pakistan Engineering Council jobs in Pakistan apply online

Pakistan Engineering Council jobs in Pakistan apply online 

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