Latest Pakistan Airforce PAF Admissions In 2022

 Become A Fighter Pilot In The PAF; PAF College Sargodha Admissions 2022

PAF College Sargodha is a residential educational institution that is based on the principles of traditional public schools and uses English as its primary medium of instruction. From the eighth grade all the way up to the fifth year of college, certain boys receive an excellent education at this particular college.

After that, candidates who passed the selection procedures are sent to the Pakistan Air Force Academy in Asghar Khan Risalpur for additional schooling and fundamental flying instruction. For the academic session 2022, applications to Class-VIII are now being accepted. Free housing, education, and meals, as well as uniforms, books, and athletic equipment, are made available to the boys who are chosen for this programme.

The students’ development projects are subject to minuscule fees, which are paid for by the students’ parents. The College Prospectus contains more information that can be reviewed. After completing their secondary education, some pre-cadets may be selected to participate in the Joint Military Education Training Programme (JMET), which entails two years of training at an Army or Navy Cadet College. At the conclusion of this time, these students will return to PAF College Sargodha.

The Pakistan Air Force is the organisation that is currently in charge of it. It is a secondary school in England that offers instruction to students from the eighth grade all the way up to the intermediate level. Students who wish to enrol at the PAF College Sargodha are required to double-check that they meet the minimum age requirements and turn in their admissions forms before the deadline.

You may receive information about the date sheet and the date that PAF College Sargodha admissions 2022 will close here. On the same day that the PAF College Sargodha admission results and merit list 2022 will be uploaded, the entry test will also be announced.

PAF College Sargodha Admission 2022;  Criteria And Procedure

  • The age range of 11 per cent to 13 and half years as of the first of January 2022

  • At the time of PAF College Sargodha admission 2022, candidates are required to have received a passing grade in class VII (April 2022)

  • You need to be a male citizen of Pakistan or Azad Jammu & Kashmir to be considered for this position.

  • Applications from male students enrolled in the Cambridge system will also be considered.

  • You will be expected to take a written examination covering the topics of General Science, Mathematics, English, and Urdu.

  • On the basis of merit, those who qualify on the written test will be invited to take an intelligence test, a preliminary medical exam, an interview, and a final medical exam (CMB). Candidates who require corrective lenses due to eyesight issues are exempt from the application process.

A copy of the PAF College Sargodha admission 2022 form is included in the PAF College Prospectus, which may be obtained at any of the PAF Information & Selection Centres or directly from the PAF College in Sargodha. The most prominent English and Urdu language dailies both publish advertisements with information and instructions on how to submit applications for PAF College Sargodha admission 2022.

Within a reasonable amount of time following the application deadline, candidates who are entitled to receive roll number slips will get those slips in the mail. Downloadable versions of the entry form can be found by clicking here: Admission Form 2022-23.

A prospectus that includes an application form can be purchased for Rs. 1,500/- from the Pakistan Air Force College in Sargodha and the following PAF Information & Selection Centres on any working day between 12 July 2021 and 13 September 2021 (with the exception of weekly or gazetted holidays) between the hours of 0900 and 1400. 

  • ABBOTTABAD: 310-Mansehra Road Near Ayub Medical Complex Telephone: 0992-385157 Address: 310-Mansehra Road

  • DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Fazal Shaheed Road, next to the Bus Stand; the telephone number is 0966-9280311.

  • FAISALABAD: Main Jhang Road 64-Pulley Stop, Faisalabad Telephone Number: 041-9201199

  • GWADAR:   Pakistan Navy Recruitment Centre. It is located in the Marine Compound near Bahria Model School. The phone number is 086-4211875.

  • GILGIT: PAF DETT Near Air Port Road Telephone Numbers: 051.9527772 and 05811-920778

  • HYDERABAD: 49-Salahuddin Road Cantt Tel: 022-9200936

  • KARACHI: Main Shahrah-e-Faisal Near PAF Base Faisal & PAF Museum Main Shahrah-e-Faisal 1/4. Tel: 021-99240999 021-34604411

  • LAHORE: 14-Munir Road, Close to the PAF Cinema, in LAHORE To contact the Munir Chowk Cantt, please dial 042-99220084.

  • MIANWAL I: TMA Rest House, Balo Khel Road, Committee Chowk, MIANWALI Phone: 045-9234397

  • MULTAN: 217-Sher Shah Road and their phone number are 061-9201183.

  • MUZAFFARABAD (AJK): Army Selection 8 Recruitment Centre Telephone Number: 0582-2920598 

  • PESHAWAR:  9-The Mall Cantt, PESHAWAR; telephone number: 091-9210829

  • QUETTA: MA Jinnah Road Tel: 081-9201753

  • RAWALPINDI: 3-The Mall Across from AFIC, Telephone Number: 051-5701143

  • SKARDU: Public School and College Sadpara Road and Pakistan Air Force Base Qadri Tel: 05815-960200, 960247

Those who are interested in having a printed copy of the Prospectus mailed to them are required to submit a bank draught in the number of Rs. 1,800/- (for internal despatch) or Rs. 2,500/- (for despatch abroad) made payable to PRINCIPAL PAF COLLEGE SARGODHA.

Downloadable versions of the Admission Form can also be found on our website at Send the completed Admission Form to the PAF College Sargodha admission 2022 Section of the PAF College in Sargodha. The directions can be found on the form.

Address:  PAF COLLEGE SARGODHA, Qudrat abad, Ajnala Road, Bhalwa is where you can find us (Sargodha). Mbl: 0333-6000123, 0300-8704313, 0300-0705324


  • Written Test In Phase I.


  • PHASE – II Preliminary Medical Intelligence Assessment, Personality Assessment, and Interview

  • Standard For Phase Iii Medical Determined By The CMB And GDP

Phase-I Written Test

Candidates who meet the requirements must demonstrate their competence by participating in the following written tests:

  • Math and science for the general population: two hours (Simultaneously)

  • Two hours each for English and Urdu (Simultaneously)

All of the examinations are carried out on the same day at the respective locations chosen by the applicants. During the mathematics portion of the test, you are not allowed to use a calculator. The Mathematics and General Science papers can be tried either in English or Urdu. This is done to accommodate students who are learning either English or Urdu as their primary language.

Syllabi for Written Test

The Prospectus contains the syllabi for the written examination. The examination is a competitive examination; as a result, the syllabi that are provided in the Prospectus are only intended to provide the applicants with the general direction in their preparation for the examination.

The majority of the questions on the examination papers are based on the curricula currently being used by several textbook boards in Pakistan; nevertheless, the examination questions can be set in any format and appear in any paper.

Written Test Results

About a month after the exam, the results of the written examination are posted at the local PAF Information and Selection Centres as well as at the Main Gate of PAF College Sargodha. Only the candidates who have been successful will be notified through mail to appear in the subsequent phase.

Phase-II   Intelligence Test

Candidates who pass the written test will then be required to take an intelligence test. This is how an applicant’s intelligence level is evaluated. On the given pages of Prospectus, you will find example question papers and answer sheets for the intelligence test. These are provided for your further assistance and preparation.

Initial Medical Examinations

Candidates that pass the intelligence test will move on to the next phase of testing, which is the preliminary medical exam. This examination is carried out at the PAF Information and Selection Centres as well as at the PAF College Sargodha, and it adheres to the fundamental medical requirements set forth by the Flying Branch of the Pakistan Air Force. The candidate should not have any deformities of their hands, feet, spine, or chest, such as:

  • Hallux Valgus; an inward rotation of the toe

  • Flat Feet; feet that do not have the usual curvature

  • Knocking Knees; knees that strike with each other while standing erect or jogging, overriding toes, etc. 

  • It is expected that both the visual and auditory systems would be in excellent condition.

  • In addition to this, the patient must not suffer from any skin conditions or dental disorders

  • The Flying Branch has established maximum and lower restrictions for torso height, and the Torso Height should be within that range. 

  • There shouldn’t be any issues with eyesight, including blurriness or colour blindness.

It is essential that the candidate possesses perfect 20/20 vision without the need for corrective lenses. Applicants who require glasses are strongly discouraged from applying. The opinion of the PAF Medical Officer who is in charge of administering the test is conclusive. Regarding this matter, no appeal will be accepted.


Candidates who have passed both the intelligence test and the preliminary medical examination are required to show up for an interview, which will be led by an Interview Board. The candidate will be asked questions regarding their general knowledge as well as their basic knowledge of the subject.

The personality of the candidate, their character qualities, their comprehension, their expressiveness, their emotional stability, and their level of confidence are all evaluated by the board. On the PAF College Sargodha website, you’ll be able to find the results of the interview shortly.

Phase III Final Medical (CMB)

Candidates who were successful in the interview will be invited to take the Final Medical Test in Islamabad, Sargodha/Lahore, and Karachi respectively. The Central Medical Board (CMB) of the PAF College Sargodha conducts a comprehensive examination of the candidate in accordance with the standards of the Flying Branch. The decision of the CMB is final, and there will be no further consideration of any appeals against the rule.

Selection Based On Complete Merit List

Candidates that are successful in passing the CMB will move on to the next stage of the selection process, which is the merit list. At this particular establishment, there is neither a provision for reserved seats nor a quota of any type.

The list of candidates that were ultimately chosen has been posted on the website of the PAF College Sargodha. Only the candidates who were successful in the competition will receive the call-up letter and the joining instructions.


Timetable for Admission 2022 and 2023

  • The availability of the prospectus and application form will take place on July 18th, 2022.

  • On September 17, 2022, the sale of prospectuses will come to a stop.

  • The deadline for application submissions is September 23, 2022.

  • Written Exam on October 16th, 2022 (on a Sunday)

  • Intelligence examinations, preliminary medical examinations, and interviews will begin on November 8th, 2022.

  • The beginning of the Central Medical Board (CMB):

SOUTH 05-12-22

NORTH 02-01-23

CENTER February 23rd, 2006


College Rules

The following items are strictly prohibited for students to keep:

  • Mobile phones, ATM cards, transistors, any form of audio/video system, and any type of electrical appliance are examples of consumer electronics that can be hacked.

  • Medicines (other than those prescribed by the College Medical Officer)

  • Money (other than the authorised pocket money)

  • Gold necklaces, rings, and bracelets, as well as expensive wrist watches, valuables, and other items, were stolen.

  • Students who commit any of the following offences while attending the College will be expelled:

  • Any dishonesty, lying, stealing, or other immoral behaviour is unacceptable.

  • Causing intentional and willfully damage to property owned by the College.

  • Storing weapons such as rifles or knives of significant size, etc

  • Disrespect for the workers and the elders. The parents and guardians of the students behaved in an impolite manner toward the employees.

  • A pattern of chronic absence from both class and any other college-related activity without the required permission or a valid reason

  • Having a pattern of being unpunctual, untidy, and slovenly most of the time

  • Displaying a persistent lack of improvement in their academic performance

  • A failure to pay the required college fees

  • Infraction of any other one of the College’s rules

  • Retaining a cell phone despite having been previously warned not to


College Dues

The college pays for all of the student’s expenses, including meals, medical coverage, textbooks, and uniforms. On the other hand, parents are required to pay a College Fund contribution of Rs 4,500/- each month in order to pay for additional student welfare, pocket money, recreational programmes, and other student-related activities that are not covered by PAF. It is required that the payment be made on a bimonthly basis by a bank draught made out to the Principal of PAF College, Sargodha. These fees can go up in order to account for the effects of inflation.

The Obligation of Bonds

After graduating from Pakistan Air Force College in Sargodha, those students who were chosen to attend are obligated to serve in the Pakistan Air Force. Parents and guardians of students are needed to provide a bond stating that their son or ward will serve in the Flying or Engineering or any other Branch of the Pakistan Air Force if they want their child to attend the Pakistan Air Force Academy.

Examination Centres

The following locations will host the written test, the intelligence test, the interview, and the final medical exam respectively. When choosing the location of the written test, a candidate needs to consider whether or not it will be convenient for him to take the intelligence test, preliminary medical examination, and final medical examination at the relevant locations listed in the table.

NOTE: In the event that it is not possible to hold the written test, the interview, or the Final Medical Examination at any of the Centres stated above, the applicants from that centre will be invited to appear at another centre.

Test Written Centres

Karachi, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Quetta, Gwadar, Sargodha, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar, Wana (SWA), Rawalpindi, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, Skardu.

Examinations in Intelligence and General Health, as well as an Interview

  • PAF I & SC Karachi

  • Fazaia Inter College Samungli, Quetta

  • PAF College, located in Sargodha

  • PAF I & SC Multan

  • Lahore’s PAF I and SC bases

  • PAF I & SC Peshawar

  • PAF I & SC Rawalpindi

Final CMB

  • PAF Hospital Faisal, Karachi

  • PAF Hospital Sargodha / Lahore

  • PAF Hospital Islamabad


Qualifications Required For Continued Employment

Examination by a Physician

  • During their time at PAF College, Sargodha, students are expected to go through an annual medical examination conducted by the College Medical Officer. Students who are determined to be medically unfit are expelled.

  • The CMB will conduct the Medical Examination sometime during the final year.

  • Matriculation: Only the male students who have achieved a First Division (Grade A+, A, and B) at the end of their Matriculation studies are allowed to continue their education up to the FSc level.

Joint Military Education & Training Programme (JMET) 

Following their matriculation, a select few pre-cadets may be accepted into the Joint Military Education and Training Programme and sent to Army or Navy Cadet Colleges for two years of training. At the conclusion of this term, these pre-cadets will return to PAF College Sargodha.

After Completing My Fsc, I Will Be Attending The PAF Academy Asghar Khan In Risalpur

After receiving their F Sc, students who have passed the ISSB and have been deemed physically and mentally fit by the CMB are the only ones who are permitted to enrol at the PAF Academy Asghar Khan in Risalpur. Due to the fact that the PAF spends a significant amount of time, energy, and money on the training of Pre-Cadets over a period of five years, it is mandatory that Pre-Cadets participate in both of their ISSB opportunities in order to be accepted into this College. According to the data collected over the course of the past 24 years, it was possible for 74% of Pre-Cadets to be accepted into the PAF Academy Asghar Khan in Risalpur.

Fee Structure for the PAF COLLEGE SARGODHA in 2022

You can get an up-to-date look at the fee schedule by consulting the prospectus. You can also get more information about the cost structure by phoning the official contact number.

Last Date Admission: 16-10-2022

Latest Pakistan Airforce PAF Admissions In 2022

Latest Pakistan Airforce PAF Admissions In 2022

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