Latest Ministry Of Human Rights Jobs In Pakistan 2022

 Government Jobs in Pakistan


Today Government jobs in Pakistan are available for legal experts. This a massive opportunity for the young youth of Pakistan to showcase their talent and skills in the respective fields they opt for. These latest Government jobs offer an opportunity for people of all provinces and the federal capital, irrespective of social or cultural differences.

Government Jobs by the National Commission on the rights of children calls upon eligible people to make their life complete with a highly paid job.

The posts offered include:


     Legal advisor

     Program policy advisor


These highly credited posts offer a huge paycheque of 300,000 Rs. Such a high paycheque is a beacon of hope in this period of inflation.


Job requirements:


     For the post of legal advisor the applicant must have completed an LLB or must have done a master’s degree in law from a recognized institution.

     The applicant must have at least of 15 years experience as an advocate in the high court.

     International accredited university students with at least 10 years of practicing experience in the High court would be preferred.

     Excellent communication skills with fluent English and Urdu speaking, along with versatile written expression are required of the applicant.

     The applicant must have the strong analytical ability along with reporting writing skills.

     The applicant must have a deep understanding of the core concepts of child protection laws.

     The applicant must be familiar with handling Powerpoint and Microsoft office.

     For the post of program policy advisor, the applicant must have field experience working on child rights programs.

     The applicant must have written and researched child labor and trafficking.

      The applicant must have excellent skills in partnering with internal and external stakeholders.

     The job requires a good number of working hours.

     It would be greatly judged whether the assignment



Job Responsibilities:


     The applicant must be punctual and disciplined in his work and actions.

     The applicant needs to obey all orders given to them.

     The applicant needs to show empathy towards children and make the best possible efforts for them.

     The applicant must be able to help with research, design, development, and improvement of new and existing applications.

     The applicant must be able to manage everything with discipline including written work or physical work depending upon the nature of the post.

     The applicant must have a decent dress with a clean ironed uniform or formal dress whatever the posts individually require.


Preferred skills:


     Knowhow about presentation making on Microsoft Office and Powerpoint

     Excellent presentation skills with engaging arguments.

     Great at working in a team and not needing to be told what to do.

     Leadership qualities along with a strategic approach.

     Visionary approach


Search for the latest government jobs in Pakistan and you will be able to come across various opportunities meeting the criteria you fit. These Government jobs in Pakistan are a huge opportunity for eligible people to come forward and bring change to their lives. Public sector jobs offer an opportunity to make a difference.

Go to the official website and apply for the human rights jobs in 2022

Latest Ministry Of Human Rights Jobs In Pakistan 2022

Latest Ministry Of Human Rights Jobs In Pakistan 2022





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