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Government jobs in 2022 are a massive opportunity for deserving and eligible candidates to improve their living standards. Seeking a Government job in Pakistan today is extremely difficult. An Islamabad-based organization is looking for a highly motivated and dedicated individual for their organization. Such high pay scale job offered is itself a blessing in disguise.



Post offered:

     Khateeb cum Imam


Pay scale offered:



Job requirements:


     The applicant needs to have done darse Nizami and must be Hafiz-e-Quran.

     The applicant needs to have an age between 25-35 years.

     The applicant must have completed his education at a renowned institution.

     The applicant needs to have prior experience related to Imamat.

     Experienced candidates with good previous remarks would be given preference during the selection process.

     The applicant with a good kiraat and good delivering style of the sermon will be preferred.

     The applicant must have excellent communication skills along with fluent Urdu speaking ability.

     The applicant must create attraction for other people towards his actions and speech.

     The applicant needs to have deep knowledge of Islam and its teachings.

     The applicant must be aware of the core concepts of Islam and must deliver them in an attractive way creating interest and attraction for other people.

     The applicant must follow the dressing code designated to him.

     The applicant must have knowledge about all the rules and regulations of the organization he is working in.

     The job requires a good number of working hours, with strict timings and checks and balances.

     It would be greatly judged whether the order given is delivered on time or not.


Job Responsibilities:


     The applicant must be punctual and disciplined in his work and actions.

     The applicant needs to obey all orders given to them by the organization head.

     The applicant must be able to manage everything with discipline and keep the moral codes.

     The applicant needs to be prim and proper in his dressing. The applicant must have decent dressing with clean ironed uniforms or formal dressing whatever the posts individually require.

     The applicant needs to have leadership skills to manage all the activities and events.

     The applicant needs to keep into consideration the sentiments of the people while giving the sermon.

     His actions and speech must be unbiased and based on rigid Islamic principles.

     The applicant must ensure maintain coherence among the people rather than provoking disunity by making biased arguments.


Preferred Skills:


     Great at working in a team and not needing to be told what to do.

     Leadership qualities.

     Neat and clean working style with a calm nature.

     Keen and focused on his work and actions.




Search for the jobs in Pakistan 2022 and you will be able to come across various opportunities meeting the criteria you fit in. These latest Government jobs in Pakistan serve as a ray of hope for the needy and deserving. Everyone who deems himself fit for this job with the criteria mentioned above must not spare a second applying for it. A job for Payscale 18 is very rare to find and an opportunity not easy to let go of without even trying.

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Latest Hafiz-E-Quran Jobs In Islamabad


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