Latest Government Nursing Jobs in 2022 opportunity

 Government Jobs in Pakistan


Latest Government Nursing jobs in Pakistan for residents of all provinces and the Federal capital. This a highly valuable opportunity for the educated, in their respective fields, to showcase their talent and implement their knowledge.


Government Nursing Jobs


Pakistan Kidney and Liver institute and research center is an autonomous body that came into being under the umbrella of the Punjab provincial assembly. The above-mentioned body is offering a large number of jobs for nurses. This a massive opportunity for the youth to embrace their goals.


Posts available:

     155 posts for Nurses

Job requirements:


     The applicant needs to have a diploma in general nursing and a specialization in any field of nursing.

     Candidates need to have 1 to 2 years of experience in the OR / ICU / Emergency preferably kidney and liver transplants.

     The maximum age limit for the applicants needs to be 39 years, however, fresh candidates would be preferred.

     Good communication skills are highly needed for the post of nursing as it involves day-to-day interaction with patients and senior faculty.

     Fluent English speaking skills must be present in the applicants.

     The job requires a good number of working hours.

     It would be greatly judged whether the assignment submission was made on time or not.

Job responsibilities:


     The applicant must have deep knowledge and understanding of the core concepts taught to them during their respective educational programs in nursing.

     The applicant must be punctual and disciplined in her work and actions.

     The applicant must have knowledge regarding all the medical devices.

     The applicant must be emphatic towards the patients and other staff.

     The applicant needs to obey all orders given to them.

     The applicant must be able to help with research, design, development, and improvement of new and existing applications.

     The applicant must be able to manage everything with discipline including written work or physical work depending upon the nature of the post.

     The applicant must have decent dress with clean ironed uniforms or formal dressing whatever the posts individually require.


Preferred skills:


     Knowhow about presentation making on Microsoft Office and Powerpoint.

     Presenting skills

     Great at working in a team and not needing to be told what to do.



Incentives offered:


     The job offers Market competitive salaries.

     Free transportation facilities are available all the time.

     Medical cover and allowances for the post holder and her dependents.

     The job offers a great number of learning opportunities for young nurses, to train themselves for the future.

     A free hostel facility is also available for the working staff.

     The job also offers provident funds for the workers.

     Lucrative leave policy is available, making it easy for the members to carry out personal life and work-life balance.

     The overtime benefits under the Employee Old age benefit institution of Pakistan are granted to the job holders.




Nursingjobs in Pakistan are available with a large number of facilities in great institutions of Pakistan.

The shortlisted applicants will be interviewed, during which they need to show their credentials. These Government nursing jobs are a big opportunity for the eligible ones.

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Latest Government Nursing Jobs in 2022 opportunity

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