Latest Government Jobs In FATA District

 Government Jobs In Pakistan


The latest Government Jobs in Pakistan for the people of KPK Province, including the tribal areas of FATA merged into the province. These latest Government jobs on pay scale BPS 17 to BPS 12 are an opportunity for the youth of Pakistan to showcase their skills and implement their knowledge.


Government Jobs for KPK domicile Holders


The latest Government jobs offering the posts of pay scale  BPS 17 include:


     Manager Health Communication

     Logistic and supply chain officer

     Training Coordinator

     Research Associate

     Medical Officer

     Clinical Psychologist



Latest Government Jobs for the pay scale  of BPS-16 includes:


     Charge Nurse

     Data Entry operator


The latest Government Jobs for the pay scale of BPS 12 include:


     Medical Technician


Job Responsibilities:


High pay scale job comes with great responsibilities. Responsible people with dedication to work and willing to sacrifice their prime time for work, are only fit for these posts.


     Job requires a good number of working hours

     It would be greatly judged whether the assignment submission was made on time or not.

     Help with research, design, development, and improvement of new and existing applications

     Keep in close touch with the senior faculty, staff, and patients.

     Have empathy for everyone among the staff and those who come to you for seeking help.

     Manage everything with discipline including your written work or physical work depending upon the nature of the post.



Minimum Requirements:


TodayGovernment jobs in Pakistan ask for a minimum requirement of:


      For the pay scale of BPS 17 the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in the concerned department you are applying for.

     Only MBBS students who have completed their house jobs and received a certificate for it are eligible for the post of Medical officer and clinical psychologist.

     People with managerial education backgrounds would be the best fit for applying to Manager health communications and training officers.

     All of the remaining posts of variable pay scales along with the above-mentioned posts require prior experience in the respective fields.

     Deep knowledge of how to manage staff, patients, and logistics must be available.

     Good communication skills along with fluent English and Urdu speaking skills are a necessity.

     Decent dressing with clean ironed uniforms or formal dressing whatever the posts individually require.



Preferred skills:


     Knowledge about the treatment, and care, of nurses, technicians, and medical officers.

     Know-how about the supply chain and various tools used for research purposes along with its variations.

     Excellent understanding of how to use Microsoft office with great typing and presentation skills.

     Great at working in a team and following the orders given by the seniors.

     Empathy in heart and in actions.



 Search for the latest government jobs in Pakistan and you will be able to come across various opportunities meeting the criteria you fit. We have new Government jobs for the people of KPK. An excellent opportunity for those from backward areas to come forward and bring change to their lives. Public sector jobs are offering an opportunity to make a difference.


Latest Government Jobs In FATA District

 Latest Government Jobs In FATA District 



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