Latest Government Constable Jobs in 2022

 Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan


Jobs in Pakistan are a huge opportunity for the deserving class to fulfill their needs. Inflation has created chaos among the general public of Pakistan. Job opportunities in such hard times are truly a blessing in disguise. The police department of Mirpur and Kotli have a vacant post for the driver constable.


Post offered:


     Driver constable


Job requirements:


     The applicant must have a minimum matriculation degree.

     The applicant must have a height greater than 5 feet 7 inches.

     The chest size must be greater than 33 inches in normal respiration and greater than 34.1 in the expanded chest during expiration.

     The applicant must have an age limit between 18-28 years.

     The applicant must have a driving license and must be aware of all the traffic rules and regulations.

     The applicant must be a resident of Azad Jammu Kashmir.

     Experienced candidates with good previous remarks would be given preference during the selection process

     The applicant must have excellent communication skills along with fluent Urdu speaking ability

     The applicant needs to have knowledge related to the vehicle he is driving along with exceptional driving skills.

     The applicant must follow the dressing code designated for the waiters at the mess.

     The applicant must have knowledge about all the rules and regulations of the Police department.

     The job requires a good number of working hours, with strict timings and checks and balances.

     It would be greatly judged whether the order given is delivered on time or not.



Job Responsibilities:


     The applicant must be punctual and disciplined in his work and actions.

     The applicant needs to obey all orders given to them by the senior officers.

     The applicant must be able to manage everything with discipline and keep the moral codes.

     ● The applicant needs to be prim and proper in his dressing. The applicant must have decent dressing with clean ironed uniforms or formal dressing whatever the posts individually require.

     The applicant is responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the vehicle.

     The applicant must be responsible for the tasks given to him and must ensure to complete them on time.

     The applicant needs to be mentally prepared of being caught up in police fire or other emergency situations.

     The applicant must have the courage to be part of the police department and play his role in serving justice.



Preferred Skills:


     Great at working in a team and not needing to be told what to do.

     Keen and focused on his work.

     Skillful and responsible for his duty.

     Duty before everything.



Search for a job in Pakistan 2022 and you will be able to come across various opportunities meeting the criteria you fit in. Jobs in Pakistan are very rare to find so this is a massive opportunity and must be availed as soon as possible. The police department is a well-known institution in Pakistan and serving under the banner of this honorable department is a symbol of pride. Everyone wishes to be part of the prestigious institution.

The last date for applying for constable jobs is: 20-07-2022

Send Your documents below the given address through the post office

Latest Government Constable Jobs in 2022

Latest Government Constable Jobs in 2022

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