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Islamabad police jobs online apply in 2023

Islamabad police jobs online apply 2023 available on the official website for those candidates who are looking for a professional job in Pakistan. This is a protective force that is controlled by the capital in Pakistan country. This is a great opportunity for those people who want to seek handsome salary jobs in their country. These jobs only focus on male candidates, If the female applicants seeking police jobs in Pakistan in 2023 then this is not for her. 

The Islamabad capital territory police jobs are considered the best police for other cities in Pakistan because they are handsome salaries and all facilities provided. Huge amounts of vacancies were declared by the government of Pakistan which has invited intelligent and physically fit boys capable of serving critical conditions. 

Why Islamabad police jobs in 2023 

  • High paying jobs

  • Accommodation 

  • Fast increasing salary 

  • Minimum duty timing 

  • Fast scale growth 

  • The 1-month weekend every 3 months

  • Special foods 


Islamabad Capital Police 

Job offered 

Accounts Assistants, Accounts Officers, Clinical Psychologists, Communication Experts, Coordinators, Curriculum Development Specialists, Editors, First Aid Officers, Law Instructors, Mobile App Developers, Network/System Administrators, Office Superintendents, PT/Drill Instructors, Software Engineers, Victim Attendants


Primary, Matric, Intermediate

Pay monthly 

25000 to 80000



Age restriction 

18 to 30

Registration begins on 


Registration ends on 


What are police jobs.?

The Islamabad police was established on January 1, 1981, after the separation of Pakistan by India on 14 August 1947 then the first capital of Pakistan in Karachi but in 1963 Islamabad is the capital city. This is the first Islamabad police job registration in 2023 and interested candidates apply through the official Islamabad police website

Tests for Islamabad police jobs in 2023

  1. Physical test
  • This is the initial test for police jobs, If the person is not eligible for this test then the candidate will not move to the next steps. 

  • This test checks for height, width, and running. 

  • The applicant’s minimum height is 170.18 cm, If the candidate will not meet the height criteria then this is rejected. 

  • Width test is also a very critical condition because the minimum width required for the Islamabad police jobs in 2023 is 33 cm and the maximum 36. 

  • running also includes as the main test for police because this condition the person checks how many strongest for you are. The applicants must achieve 7 minutes in a 1-kilometer distance.  

  1. Written test
  • This is the second step of the Islamabad police jobs 2023 selection procedure of the fit person who are meet their eligibility criteria. 

  • This test will be conducted for 90 minutes to provide the 90 MCQs. 

  • If the applicants will successfully crack the written test then the candidates move to the last step called the interview. 

  1. Interview
  • The interview is the last step for the selection of police jobs, If the candidates pass the interview then these candidates are now selected for the ICT police jobs in 2023. 

Islamabad police jobs in 2023

Islamabad police jobs online apply in 2023 – forinaukripak

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