CCTV Camera Operator and Security Guard Jobs in 2021 UAE

 Jobs In UAE CCTV Camera Operator and Security Guard

The UAE famous Semi-Government Company has announced the latest jobs in Pakistan. This agency urgently wanted a CCTV digital camera operator and safety shield. The security guard is younger and smart which is a minimum of 5 feet 4 inches. Both security guards and CCTV camera operators have good health, but some tests are required before going to the UAE.

 All tests and accommodation will be provided by the OEP company. The salary is equal to both a security guard and a CCTV operator 1600 dirham. This is a prominent chance for those applicants which are dream to work in the UAE

The company the semi-government has been in agreement for 2 years which is provided in all accommodation, Transport, Medical, Food, and many facilities provided. The age will be maximum of 50 years and a minimum of 22 years those candidates which are under this age criteria then will be eligible for CCTV camera operator and security guard. All interested candidates which want jobs in the UAE then will all candidates should move to the interview. Limited seats are available, and the selection criteria will be based on the first come and first selected.

 If you are connected to this position then go to the interview at the given time and date, If any candidates will go late then the company has not responsible for the rejection of the applicants. Tests and interviews will be conducted on 2 November all candidates should advise going at this time and date

 Position in UAE Jobs 

Security Guard

The security guard should not be less than 22 years and more than 40 years.

The applicants must be in normal health.

The candidates do not have any problem with their health, If any type of disease is spread from one person to another then applicants are rejected.

 The total number of posts is 20.

CCTV Camera Operator


The CCTV camera operator should not be less than 22 years and more than 35 years.

The applicants are healthy and don’t have any diseases which are infective to the other person.

The total range of posts is 10.

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